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Sorry everyone

Sorry guys, I’ve had absolutely no time to update my blog for the past month because I’ve been preparing for and going through some intense training to be an English teacher in Thailand. Maybe once some normalcy returns to my schedule, I will be able to update my blog. Sorry for any inconvenience. If any of you want to follow me in Thailand, you can look at our blog at:


What I’m reading (and you should too!)

Here are a few very thought-provoking articles from the past week or so. All are well worth reading:

1. “Did the Founding Fathers Screw Up?” by Harold Meyerson. He talks about the way gridlock is built into our political system and about how that is now turning into a major problem for America.

2. “Obama’s Katrina was also Boehner’s Katrina”  by Jonathan Chait. This is a short, concise and incisive article on problems in America’s government. You’ll spend 2 minutes reading it and 15 minutes contemplating the conclusion.

3. “Hunting the Rich,” an editorial by The Economist. This is a right-leaning take on reducing deficits from one of the most respected publications in the world. Its stance is not my favorite, but there is common ground to be found with a sensible proposal like this.

4. “Praying for Rick Perry” by Robert Shrum. He writes about how both Democrats and conservative Republicans want Rick Perry to be the party’s nominee.

5. “Unappealing” by Dahlia Lithwick. Lithwick gives you all the possibilities  now that health reform is moving to the Supreme Court, with her surprising conclusion that the high court might not even want to take this appeal at all.

As another reminder, my “blogroll” on the lower right part of the page has all the blogs I frequent  for my news and analysis. Visit those sites to find some diverse commentary on politics and policy.

A note on my blog

I’ve noticed that recently almost all of my posts have focused on economic policy and headline-grabbing politics. In the interest of diversity, I will try to focus my coming posts on the wider world of policy. Look for posts on healthcare policy, energy policy, national security and maybe even identity theft. I also have a new installment in the “GOP Presidential Candidates Series” in the works, once I get enough information on Rick Perry to make a comprehensive post about him.  If any of that sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to check into the blog in the coming week.

Where I’ll be for the next week

Its unlikely that I’ll have any posts for the next week because I will be enjoying RAGBRAI, a week-long bike ride across Iowa. The week is sure to be full of a lot of exercise, great Midwestern scenery, delicious homemade pies, early mornings, and some of the friendliest people in the country. And besides, watching the debt limit negotiations come down to the wire would be sure to give me an aneurysm, so this will be a well-needed distraction. Maybe I’ll even see a Presidential candidate while I’m there!

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