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Why voter ID laws are harmful and unnecessary

The Republican legislators who were swept into state legislatures across the country in 2010 have, by and large, attempted to enact laws requiring voters to present a state-issued photo ID every time they vote. These laws will “ensure the integrity of our voting process”  by preventing voter fraud, which, we are told, is “a real problem.” Those are the words of Kris Kobach, Kansas’ Secretary of State, who wrote a voter ID law that Kansas approved this year and has been used as a model for many other states like Wisconsin, North Carolina and Texas. Missouri’s Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, opposes a proposed voter ID law in Missouri, saying it could disenfranchise up to 230,000 registered Missouri voters who do not possess any of the forms of photo ID required by the bill. Let’s take a look at their arguments. Kobach’s view is in an op-ed here and Carnahan’s is summarized here. Continue reading