About this Blog

I’m a college grad with too much time on my hands and nothing to study except current events. I’ll use  this space to write about national politics, policy, economics and Midwestern politics. Unfortunately, my postings are now erratic because I have moved out of the country.

I believe in free and fair elections. I believe in the power of a well-regulated market, but I do not worship the “all knowing, all giving”  free market, nor am I willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable among us on the altar of capitalism. I think everyone should have a shot at the American dream. I also believe that if the government can deliver a good or service more efficiently than the private sector, it should. I believe in an efficient government that works well and is responsible to the voters. I believe in the little guy, and that corporations are not “guys”  at all.

Though my beliefs are generally on the left side of the spectrum, I will always try to be as fair as possible when evaluating the arguments of the other side. You should expect no less.

  1. Would you be interested in reposting your blog on my website demochat.org? I would like to open a “blog” section but I do not know any bloggers that write on political topics like you. The site is totally non-profit as you will see. The only way the sites makes money is through selling tshirts and merchandise which to date totals zero 🙂 , like you, am just trying to offer a forum for people to talk about political issues. I am in Alabama and as you might have guessed, hardly has any Democrats at all.

    • I would be interested. Your site looks great and all you need is more content to generate traffic. But as you might be able to tell from how long it took me to respond, I am currently on a posting hiatus. I got a job working for a very high profile campaign and have 0 time for a personal life, let alone for blogging, unfortunately. I’d probably have a lot to say after the election, if you’re interested.

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