At least he’s honest…

This guy, who wrote a column in Forbes yesterday is basically a conservative, supply-side stereotype in every way except one: he’s honest about his policies and about what they would do. Usually when someone with views as extreme as this guy starts talking, they at least try to pretend that tax breaks should go to everybody (not just the rich) and that giving gobs of money to the super-wealthy will help the rest of us. Not this guy (can he really be an editor at Forbes??). Observe:

Obama will never do it, but the only tax cuts that are effective are those that impact the “vital few”, or the highest earners whose capitalistic exploits employ us and raise our living standards on a daily basis. Much as naive minds want to believe that the “great middle” is the source of our nation’s economic strength, the more realistic truth is that we gain our strength from the kind of individuals that populate the Forbes 400 and other rich lists…

Businesses are not in business to create jobs. If this is doubted, try to get your venture funded by leading with your plan to hire lots of workers. You won’t. Businesses attract investment precisely because they promise to get the most output with as little labor input as possible as a way of achieving profits. Of course, profits attract more investment that leads to new ventures, and jobs are invariably created. But to pay businesses to hire is not the spark that will ignite the economic rebound. It puts the cart before the horse. (italics mine)

That’s supply-side economics in all its naked glory. He outright admits that he thinks that the only tax cuts that matter are those that go to the richest of the rich. These people already only pay 21 percent of their income in taxes, a much lower percentage than the typical middle class family, but damn it! They need to pay less! I take it that this person’s ideal tax system would draw all of its income from the poor and middle class while taking nothing from the rich.

And when the rich pay less in tax, it’ll help everybody else out because these people are “job creat…. O wait. Our ever-so-helpful author informed us that businesses are not out to create jobs. Jobs are just the unfortunate and costly by-product of attaining wealth. There goes that Republican talking point.

I do think that a lot of Republicans (not all) think this way. However, they usually try to cover it up and appear fair by saying that they want tax breaks for all, not just the rich. The Bush tax cuts did toss a couple nickels toward the poor even as the rich got loaded up with Benjamins. And Republicans usually say that giving money to the very rich will create jobs for the rest of us. You have to do those kinds of things to achieve popular support. Its good to see that this author has dropped all pretense and told us the truth about businesses and supply-side economics. Neither care anything for you if you aren’t worth $50 million. As I said, at least he’s honest.

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