The Supreme Court and Corporate America

I can’t really add anything to Dahlia Lithwick’s analysis of this year’s supreme court decisions. Its very damning, worrying and succinct. Well worth your time to read.

“The greatest impact of the Wal-Martdecision isn’t the blow dealt to class-action suits. It’s the guidance it provides employers: Immunize yourself from claims of gender discrimination with a written policy that says “we don’t discriminate” and a system of decentralized decision-making. The decision doesn’t discourage future corporate discrimination. It just makes it harder to identify and prove it.”

Basically all you have to do to avoid discrimination lawsuits is have a policy saying “we dont discriminate” and the Supreme Court will take you at your word.

Scalia: “Of course they don’t discriminate! It says so right here in the employee handbook. Wal-Mart would never say one thing on paper and then do another in practice!” (not a real quote)

Sadly, the Wal-Mart case is only the beginning of the bad news. Also included are how corporations can legally lie to their customers (hint- all they have to do is make sure their wholly-owned corporate subsidiary actually does the lying) and how corporations can take away your civil rights by including a mandatory arbitration clause in every document you sign with them.

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